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The Smart Girls Guide to Tarot
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Are you tired of vague, New Agey fortune-telling? Readings that say maybe you'll meet Prince Charming or maybe you'll get a dog? Do you want to know the future without checking your third eye or contacting your inner goddess?

Then you need The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot!

Every tarot reading tells a story. This book will tell the modern user how to read that story, using language and examples relevant to contemporary life. Tarot can provide a glimpse into the future and help to clarify one's choices. Just like therapy, but a lot cheaper. The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot provides a sharp, fresh, funny update of those old, stuffy mystical tarot guides.

The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot not only clarifies the archaic meaning of the cards, it instructs the reader in their interpretation, allowing her to be her own mystic. Because let's face it - who knows your twisted psyche better than you?

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What They're Saying:

"Enthusiast Fredericks narrates her book in a quirky, frank, irreverent voice.... Whether one looks to the cards for wisdom or entertainment, this is a spunky, informative guide." - Publisher's Weekly

"You'll only manage to put down this stimulating guide to the Tarot long enough to purchase or unearth a deck of cards---with which you'll be doing readings right away. But be warned, consulting the cards with The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot is a lot like opening a box of Belgian chocolates: once you start it's really hard to stop."
- Susi Rajah, author of How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign

Think reading the tarot is too mystical and obscure for the average person? Using examples that span the gamut of popular culture-from The Wizard of Oz to Enron-Fredericks brings the tarot into today's world for modern women. Card descriptions are prefaced with quotations from the likes of Thoreau, Melville, Camus, and the Rolling Stones. While anyone (e.g., Donald Trump, Thomas Edison, Gen. George S. Patton, or Russel Crowe) may show up in the card explanations, the foundations of traditional tarot card meanings remain intact. The sample readings included are good learning tools because Fredericks's interpretation of each spread is compared with the actual outcome of the situations. Although the book is aimed at beginners, experienced readers may appreciate the fresh, clever, contemporary perspective. Illustrated with Meredith Green's edgy black-and-white images, this book makes a fun addition to any tarot collection.
- Library Journal

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