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I love tarot cards-they're so much better than Magic 8 Ball. You ask them a question about the future, and they give you a full picture that includes past and present. So when I was trying to think of a good subject for a series, I immediately thought of tarot cards. In the Cards tells the stories of three friends who inherit a tarot deck. In each book, one of the girls asks a specific question and gets a answer from the cards. But the tarot isn't simple; you can misinterpret the meaning. Needless to say, nothing works out quite how the girls plan.

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What is it like to open a diary and read the impressions of a thirteen-year-old girl in the Internet Age? Mariah Fredericks does a wonderful job at bringing Anna to life, complete with teenage angst, the first date, and a trip into the heart of a junior high school that is haunted by geeks, dorks, athletes, and the beautiful people. - Children's Literature

"A poignant, funny novel with original, likable characters and insights into friendship, growing up with amicably divorced parents, and the pivotal moments that change everything. The first title in the new In the Cards series, this is bound to be popular with middle- schoolers looking for a more substantial alternative to popular fiction series." --Booklist

"Within a 'tween-oriented, politically charged school setting and through believable characters, Fredericks creates a compelling scenario illustrating how individual actions and the choices one makes really control one's destiny. Will leave readers eager for the next installment of this new series. Very apropos for today's middle- school crowd." --Kirkus Reviews

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"Laced with humor, Eve's fresh,vivid narration will draw readers right into the story."-Booklist

"Fredericks demonstrates her usual canny sympathy for her young protagonist.... The story will leave readers wanting more and happy they'll be getting it into the upcoming volume focusing on Syd."-BCCB

"Fredericks once again incorporates themes of jealousy, self-worth, and respect through a school-based scenario filled with gossip, betrayal, and the realistic stress-filled, over-scheduled teen life of maintaining high grades along with the demands of extracurricular responsibilities. On-target dialogue, actions, and candidly emotional portrayals of her characters.... Eve's personal growth will be telling and uplifting to readers as the climactic conclusion and final curtain call bring the book to its satisfying ending."-Kirkus Reviews

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Coming in Summer '08...In the Cards: Life

Shy, quiet Syd has always been the listener for her friends. But now she needs someone to listen to her problems and it doesn't seem like anyone has the time. With Anna caught up in her love life and Eve preparing for the audition of a lifetime, Syd worries she's losing her friends just when she needs them most. Can the cards give her the answers she needs?

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