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I wrote Crunch Time partly because I still have nightmares about taking the SATs, but mainly because the issue of competition fascinates me. We judge and are judged all the time, as we try to figure out where we rank in the hierarchy. I am smarter than so and so, not as smart as so and so. More attractive, less successful, funnier, not as rich. The SATs actually give you a number; are you a 1800 or 2400? Does it matter? That's what the four kids of Crunch Time have to decide.

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Rave Reviews for Crunch Time

"Fredericks weaves together the experiences of four juniors who are in the throes of preparing for the SATsŠ When a brilliant senior admits that she was paid to take the SATs for someone in their class, suspicion causes the narrators to turn on one another. Even more than the mystery, teens will be intrigued by the philosophical discussion these four characters bring to light regarding what it means to be judged by standardized test scores."

Publishers Weekly

"The four students Fredericks creates for her readers are each complex individuals, evading stereotypesŠ. The mystery and tension surrounding the suspicion focus on how serious some people are about the SATs. When we buy discussion post, Fredericks offers a real zinger,which perhaps will help her readers put crunch time into the proper perspective. The four characters are reflective, intelligent, and interesting, and she makes their thoughts and conversations flow naturally with her skillful writing."


"Insightfully told from the various viewpoints of the four main characters in short, quick-moving segments with true-to-life dialogue, the story is redeemed. Readers will wonder what will happen to the friends as they embark on senior year at the conclusion."

School Library Journal

"College-bound readers will find this page-turner immediately absorbing."

Kirkus Reviews

Head Games

Fatal Distraction

Smart Girls Guide to Tarot

The True Meaning of Cleavage

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