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Eve takes center stage in In the Cards: Fame!

Spiky diva-in-training Eve is determined to be a star. But the school musical is not what she has in mind. However, when the tarot cards reveal that the musical may be the first step to fame and fortune, Eve decides to go for it. A powerful King of Cups stands ready to help her, if only she can figure out who he is. But not even drama queen Eve is prepared for the gossip, intrigue, and backstabbing of the theater...

"Fredericks's young characters are given a deck of tarot cards when an old woman dies in Anna's apartment building. This sets up the dilemma about whether our lives are preordained, or whether we have free will. As usual, Fredericks writes about intelligent, thoughtful adolescents. It's not all heavy philosophizing, that's for sure. There are cats involved in the story, and friendships, little brothers, and fights at school and a misfit. As always, Fredericks knows her audience well and entertains them."

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Nerd Girl gets Greek God in In the Cards: Love!

When the newly anointed Hottest Guy in school looks Anna's way, it seems like the right time to see what the future holds. The reading promises her the perfect boyfriend in the Page of Cups. It also promises rivalry and jealousy. But has Anna correctly identified her Page of Cups? Or has she made an enemy of one of the most powerful girls at school for nothing?

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Suffering through the SATs? Check out Crunch Time

An Edgar Award Finalist
A Junior Library Guild Selection
A Borders Original Voices Pick

The SATs are driving Daisy, Leo, Jane, and Max crazy. Daisy thinks the whole system is bogus. Leo thinks testing's a game you play to win; not good for Max, who's convinced he's a loser. And Jane couldn't care less about the whole thing. So when the four of them decide to bag the SAT prep class before junior year at Dewey, they form their own study group, a haven from the dog-eat-dog college-acceptance competition. But as they discover, rivalry and rejection aren't limited to the race for the Ivy Leagues -- love has a scoring system all its own. And in the game of love and college admissions, people have been known to cheat.

"Fredericks has created a highly readable page-turner with three-dimensional characters and relevant issues. This is an excellent choice for all high school readers."
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